5 Causes of unpleasant gases (and it’s not food)

Gases in the body often have no smell and are not associated with digestion, that is, the food we enter in the body.
If we omit food and beverages, the five main causes for the appearance of unpleasant gases are the following:

1. Medicines

Many drugs cause dryness of the mouth, which can increase the amount of air that arrives in the stomach. If you are taking medication, ask yourself if the side effects include dry mouth. If you are being bothered with gases, then consult your doctor about the possibility of replacing the medication you currently use with someone who has fewer side effects.
2. Chewing gum

While chewing mastic, we swallow much more air than usual, which, in turn, leads to more frequent rubbing and emission of gases. The chewing gum may help you in the short term if you are hungry or under stress, but you probably do not want to spend all day full of gases. At the same time, sweetened chewing gums are bad for teeth. Therefore, do not overdo it with chewing gum and reduce the possibility of creating unpleasant gases in the body.

3. Drinking with a tube

When you drink through a tube, it’s just like the other way around to put on a balloon. While you are sucking the liquid through the tube, you enter the air in the stomach, creating perfect conditions for the formation of gases. Therefore, it is best to drink your favorite drink directly from a glass.

4. Smoking cigarettes

Smoking is very similar to drinking with a tube. When you inhale smoke from the cigarette, swallow and air – and gases. This applies not only to ordinary cigarettes but also to electronic ones. As well as turning things around, smoking is harmful to health, in every way.

5. Drinking from a bottle

The way people put their lips around the mouth of the bottle, as opposed to drinking liquids from a cup or cup, is also associated with the creation of gases. If you want to reduce the underrun, then stop drinking from a bottle.


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