Lose 20+ Pounds In Just Over A Month With This Boiled Lemon Diet!

People usually start their day with a cup of coffee. Coffee is a diuretic and it helps to get better bowel movement, but coffee also may have bad influence in those people who have problems with blood pressure.
The latest advice from nutritionists in recent years, is to start the day with warm water, instead of coffee.Water as well as coffee will move the intestines, and will achieve full morning wash of the body.
But there is something else. For those who want to lose weight, we will discover the recipe cooked with lemon, garlic and ginger!
You have read and tried many diets, but we are sure that this one you haven’t already met. Worth a try!

She Lost 20 Pounds With This Unknown Recipe…The Boiled Lemons Diet!


– 5 lemons

– 20 grams of fresh ginger

– Garlic (4 cloves)

– Mineral water (2 liters)

Wash the lemons briefly under running water.

Then cut them in the middle, remove the rind and place them in blender.

Add the garlic cloves, peel the ginger and add it too.

Blend the ingredients very good, then put them in the water to boil. Add the lemon zest that you have removed previously.

Boil for ten minutes, then leave it to cool. Drink without the rind of lemons, put it in a glass container and store it in the refrigerator.

Drink it throughout the day.
Those who have used this drink, said that they have fastened their metabolism and lost weight.


Maria is a blogger from the United States with a great passion for fitness and healthy living. Most of her writings are from self experience.

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