Lose 40 Pounds With This Amazing Style Of Life! The Turkish Rice Diet

Jill from Netherlands have told us her story. She have tried various diets, had some success, but mostly yo-yo effect. She lives in a neighborhood with many different nations. During a visit to her friend from high school, her aunt had offered her a recipe for Turkish rice used for weight loss.
She said that this recipe/diet in Turkey is very popular and many people have managed to reduce weight.
She had nothing to lose, so she tried out the recipe. She took the recipe and noted that the rice should be eaten every other day!
She said: Folks, this really works! At least for me. I do not know, maybe because this diet is long, but with no starvation and positive results …

She Lost 40 Pounds With This Amazing Way Of Life…. The Turkish Rice Diet

Here is the recipe:

50g Ginger

Olive oil not more than 1 tablespoon

1 green bell pepper

1 onion

2 carrots


First in a pot of water put to boil rice, classical. When the rice will absorb all the water, place it aside for an hour to cool.
In another pan pour olive oil and fry the onions, peppers, carrots and ginger. Add a little salt, just for taste.
When the vegetables are softened,  add the rice and turn off the fire.


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