Lose Weight Effectively And Fast With This Revolutionary Horseradish Recipe

Horseradish is a root vegetable that is used as a spice. The plant is probably native to southeastern Europe and western Asia. It is now popular around the world and lately it has been known as the bitter weight loss booster that gained a lot of popularity. The horseradish is a great plant that can play a major role during a diet. Make a mixture of horseradish, honey and lemon and you get the perfect mixture for losing excess weight and the fat from the abdomen.

If you have problems with fat in the abdomen, then the decision of the Russian doctor Irijna Stefanovska is perfect for you. She recently shared the recipe for the mixture of horseradish that day you can lose up to one centimeter in the waist.

Thanks to this recipe, some women lost even by one centimeter a day in their waist. This mixture liquidate the excess fat from the body, it improves the brain functioning, memory, the hearing and eyesight.


The main ingredients in this mixture are the horseradish, honey and lemon.

The horseradish purifies the body, improves the metabolism, reduces fatigue and promotes the development of good bacteria in the intestine and destroys the bacteria that cause tuberculosis and salmonella. To make this mixture you need 125g fresh horseradish, 3 organic lemons and 3 tablespoons honey (honey and lemon are great grocery and particularly useful in the season of flu and colds).

How to prepare it:

Sliced the horseradish with a blender, remove the lemon seeds together with bark mix the ingredients blender. Then add three teaspoons of honey and mix everything well with a blender. This mixture store it in a sealed container in the refrigerator.

How to use this drink:

One teaspoon of this mixture take twice per day before meals. Use it for three weeks and your results will be guaranteed.


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