Drink That You Will Worship: Cure Inflamed Throat In A Few Hours

It is not news that the people thousands years ago knew the secrets of the herbs and used their medicinal properties  everyday. Many recipes were stored equally and are useful today too, so we just need to remember them and prepare them.

The good and useful things about the home medicine are the ones that should not forget, so our recipe is one of them,  it provides rapid recovery from pain in the throat -and you will feel the results in just four hours.

To get rid of sore throat and tonsils you need this recipe:

You need to pour 80 grams of crushed cumin seeds in 200 milliliters of water and boil it for 15 minutes. The mixture will get will be thick and elastic and it will look like coffee grounds.


Strain the mixture and add 50 milliliters of water, and let it boil again. When you remove the mixture from the fire, add a teaspoon of Brandy and that is all. The resulting beverage you should drink every 30 minutes with a teaspoon.

After two hours the pain will stop and you will be able to swallow everything easier. After four hours you need to finish drinking the potion, because it will be no longer necessary. If you still have inflammation, continue to drink the beverage.

The resulting mixture is recommended for all who frequently suffer from colds, inflammation of the throat and tonsils.



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