Cooking In A Microwave, Harmful Or Not?

One of the biggest myths connected  with today’s food is the manner of its preparation. Although, many of us use the microwave as an essential element in our kitchen, there are many people that are against it’s use.

The main reason and fact against microwave is that it destroys all the nutrients. But if you think twice, would the spinach lose more nutrients with few minute heating in a microwave or with our traditional way of preparation? We should also take the fact that certain nutrients are losing their healthy components precisely when they are exposed to high heat.

“In any normal way of cooking the food, it is known that it will lose some of the nutrients, but what should we be aware of is that the best way to save more nutrients is to cook the food quickly, be exposed to heat as little as possible and cook it with a minimum amount of fluid “- declares Katherine Adam Hants, a scientist who studies the diet.


The vitamin B and vitamin C are susceptible to water and heat, but research shows that microwave vegetables can keep these vitamins better than if it is boiled or cooked by steaming.

Scientists have claimed that another element is very important when using the microwave. That element are the dishes which the food is cooked in. Be sure to always use containers that are made of materials and permit use in the microwave, because otherwise you could endanger your health by elements that are harmful.


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