Get A Flat Stomach In 7 Days With This Powerful Drink

Everybody knows that if you want to have the body of your dreams it takes a lot of effort. Getting a lot of fat the the stomach area can be caused by poor nutrition, lack of exercise and by a short period of time you get a beer stomach. Obviously diet combined with exercise is the right solution, but no one can blame you because you want fast results that require less effort. Made from ingredients that can be easily found, this natural drink can reduce your stomach fat in just seven days.

The magic ingredient is the banana. Bananas not only help in detoxification – when combined with flax seed they can reduce your stomach.



-1 banana
-1 orange
-1/2 cup yogurt with low-fat
-1 tablespoon coconut oil
– a little ginger
-2 tablespoons flax seed
-2 tablespoons whey powder

Mix all the ingredients in a blender. Drink it once a day, it’s good to take it before bedtime.


Maria is a blogger from the United States with a great passion for fitness and healthy living. Most of her writings are from self experience.

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