One Teaspoon Of This Spice Daily Will Melt The Pounds Faster Than Exercise

As we are getting deeper and deeper into the winter, naturally, we are gaining weight more then usual. That’s why we need to find a way to keep our body in a good shape, because hey, you know what they say: Summer bodies are made in winter.

That’s why we will tell you that the secret of losing weight is only one teaspoon away. By consuming one teaspoon of the spice cumin every day, you will not gain any gram of fat.
The cumin is one of the oldest known spices, used more then 5,000 years and is now proven that it is very effective in the fight against the fat and gaining weight.

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The scientists at the University of Medical Sciences in Iran, conducted interesting research. They formed two groups, each consisting of 44 women who have a problem with obesity or excess weight.

Within three months, the first group of women were prescribed to have a menu that should contain 500 calories less per day. The first group of respondents at that time ate three grams cumin powder per day, mixed in 140 grams of yogurt. The second group of women consumed the same amount of yogurt with no added cumin.

After three months, the first group of women who ate yogurt with cumin, had lost 1-4 kg more than the respondents in the second group. The research is even more impressive when you take the fact that the participants in the first group lost 14.64% more fat than those in the second group ..

But, how did only one teaspoon cumin per day changed everything? Well, this spice contains filosteroli – a plant chemical known to prevent the retention of cholesterol in the body. That’s why this study proves that this spice helps in weight loss, and scientists believe that this happens because it speeds up metabolism.


Maria is a blogger from the United States with a great passion for fitness and healthy living. Most of her writings are from self experience.

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