Natural Recipe That Kills The Desire For Cigarettes

Do you belong in the group of people that are die hard smokers, but deep inside you just want to quit them and never smoke again? Well you’re not alone. Most of the people who smoke cigarettes want to quit, but it’s not going easy for them. However, we have found a way to make people give up of this harmful habit. It’s a natural recipe that kills the desire for cigarettes and it works!

Many people who have tried this recipe claim that it really works. There are few simple ingredients that will help to permanently get rid of the need for a cigarette.



– ½ grapefruit
– ½ orange
– 2dl chamomile tea
– 30g Jojoba Oil
– 30g olive oil
– 30g Coconut oil
– 5g oregano


Drain the grapefruit and the orange and add the remaining ingredients.

Mix until you get a homogeneous mixture and then put it into a bottle so you can carry it with you everywhere.


How to use it:

Whenever you feel need for a cigarette, apply part of the mixture under the nose or place a small amount of tissue and inhale deeply.



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