How to Grow Longer Eyelashes Naturally

Long, thick lashes are every woman’s dream. Some women have naturally long lashes, and the rest of them, the less fortunate one, have to use mascara and all alternative ways that the cosmetics companies offer us.

The good news is, the alternative medicine have figured out many ways (natural) that can help you to make your lashes grow longer and stronger.  We have two natural recipes that will help you grow your lashes. Those who have tried these recipes are proof that they really works!

#1 Fast grow lashes recipe


-10 drops of lavender oil

-10 drops of castor oil

Use: Mix these two oils and moisten your eyelashes with the mixture before you go to sleep. This mixture will make your lashes grow fast.


#2 Fast grow lashes recipe


– 10 grams leaves of nettle

-10 drops of castor oil

– 1 dl water

Preparation: Firstly, you need to dry the nettle very well and boil it after that. Strain the water where the nettle was boiling and let it cool.  In the cooled nettle water, add 10 drops of castor oil.

Use: Moisten your lashes with this mixture every morning and every night for a month. The results will be amazing!




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