3 Easy Liver-Detoxing Drinks That Will Flush Toxins From Your Liver and Eliminate Belly Fat

Our metabolism needs a break from all that unhealthy food that we consume once in a while. Our stomach is literally crying for some detox or at least changing the way we eat.
Here are three easy recipes for drinks that will detox your liver, flush the toxins out of it and will help you eliminate belly fat.
1. The colorful detox drink

the colorful detox drink

– 1 bell pepper
– 3 carrots
– 1 medium cucumber
– 1 apple
– Half a lemon
Simply juice all of the ingredients and drink fast, before the antioxidants get destroyed! This detox drink contains large amounts of vitamin c, vitamin a, a nice amount of minerals, vital for a healthy skin & powerful fat and toxin-flushing antioxidants, contained in the apple and lemon. It does taste a bit strange, but is definitely not unpleasant. Drinking a glass or two a day is extremely effective for cleansing your liver, improving your skin complexion and generally improving your health & energy levels.

2. The green tea citrus drink

the green tea citrus drink

– Half a cup of green tea
– 1 banana blended in
– The juice of a half a lemon
This is a bit more difficult to prepare, as it requires juicing, blending AND tea brewing! But it’s worth it – the EGCG in green tea acts together with the lemon juice to rapidly detoxify your body. EGCG is absorbed much, much better in an acidic environment and when combined with minerals (the potassium from the banana). Another huge benefits is that the juice tastes very nice – you can almost get addicted to it.

3.The golden liver-flushing drink


-half teaspoon of turmeric
-half a cap of water
-a little bit of ginger
-the juice of a half a lemon

This juice not only flushes toxins from your liver, but it also prevents gallstones and cleans your bowels. It also settles down your stomach after a big meal. Turmeric is a very effective liver-detoxifying agent and is used as a hangover remedy in some countries. Again, combining it with lemon juice makes it even more effective. Unfortunately, this drink doesn’t taste that well. You can definitely improve it’s taste by adding a banana, but don’t add too much, as the sugar from the banana will slow down the cleansing action of the turmeric.




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